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Unlike most publishers, who offer writers a mere 10% (or less) of royalties, Sumner Books splits profits right down the middle. 50/50.

Submission Guidelines

  • What we are looking for:

Sumner Books publishes a variety of novels, short stories, memoirs, biographies, academic works, and other genres of literature. We are continuously looking for quality work to distribute through our online partners. Please follow the guidelines below and tell us more about your manuscript, and we will review it and answer any questions. Please note that it will take our Editorial Review Board between one and three months to review your work and make a decision.

  • How to submit your manuscript:

Submit your work by filling out the information below and uploading your manuscript and cover letter. Please note that we only accept electronic submissions. Manuscripts should be letter-quality and double-spaced, with at least 1″ wide margins all around. The writer’s name, address, telephone number, email address and the length of your manuscript in number of words should appear in the upper left-hand corner of the first page. Please number your pages, and include the title of your work at the top of each page if possible.

You may submit your manuscript or proposal on your own; you do not need a literary agent to do so, though submissions from literary agents are welcome.

  • Additional Information:

It takes several weeks or more for our editors to review a submission and come to a decision, and at times it can take several months. We will let you know of our decision after 1-3 months by contacting you using the email address provided.

Please note that we will not consider manuscripts that are currently on submission to any other publisher or work that has been published and copyrighted elsewhere, unless you own the copyright.

It is not necessary for you to register or copyright your work before publication — it is protected by law as long as it has not been published. When published, we will copyright the book in the author’s name and register that copyright with the Library of Congress.

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