Trained in Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of Michigan, Dr. Power’s academic credentials include professorships at the University of Michigan and at Wayne State University. His medical career has been spent in a variety of clinical settings in several countries around the world … in the active management, by rough count, of more than a hundred thousand patients. It was an experience that convinced him most people in the developed world suffer to a considerable extent from self-inflicted wounds. His years as Chief of Medicine at Detroit General Hospital had a huge influence on his thinking.

“Over a decade,” he has written, as a national columnist with the Los Angeles Times Newspaper Syndicate, “the steady re-admission of discharged patients was a constant reminder of how short-lived were the successes of our best efforts. More durable outcomes would have resulted from teaching them strategies of self-care.”

Dozens of individuals have contributed to this book … as teachers and colleagues. To all of them the author’s debt is total, but his most important teachers have been those patients who provided the privilege of their confidence and insights.

Author Books

  • Your Toxic Waist