Mark the Match Boy Audiobook

Horatio Alger

The story of a lowly matchboy and his rise to success with the help of Mr. Richard Hunter.

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Full Summary:

Mark the Match Boy is the third in the opening trilogy of Horatio Alger novels featuring the main characters Richard Hunter and Henry Fosdick. We meet Mark, a 10-year-old boy whose parents died and who is living with a cruel woman who makes him sell matches all day so he can bring her money for alcohol. Richard and Henry discover Mark sleeping on a wooden bench on a ferry outside New York City, and they help him turn his life around.

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Classic Excerpts

“A boy who is thrown upon his own guardianship and his own resources develops manliness and self-reliance sooner than at home.”

From The Young Adventurer

“Suddenly Andy made a spurt and forged ahead of Conrad. The young aristocrat could hardly believe his eyes when he saw Valentine’s boat, impelled by a competitor whom he had despised, take the leading place. He flushed with vexation and made a desperate effort to regain his lost position.”

From Andy Grant’s Pluck

“You must remember, my dear boy, that hard work is better than luck, and more to be relied upon. Don’t expect to make your fortune all at once by finding a big nugget, but work steadily, and you will meet with more or less success.”

From The Young Miner

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