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Ragged Dick, Fame and Fortune and Mark the Match Boy

Horatio Alger

Follow the tales of Ragged Dick, Horatio Alger's most famous bootblack, and his friends.

Paul the Peddler, Phil the Fiddler and Slow and Sure

Horatio Alger

A pivotal unveiling of the harsh realities of the time, this trilogy follows three Italian immigrants from the streets of New York City.

Blind Conceit

Star Parker

Politics, Policy and Racial Polarization: Moving Forward to Save America

Power to the People

Johan Norberg

The thirst for energy in developing countries will only grow as economic freedom spreads. People there see how we in the west live and refuse to be left behind. In "Power to the People" Swedish economist and author Johan Norberg explores the incredible challenge this demand presents to man- and woman-kind

Your Toxic Waist

Lawrence Power, M.D.

This book details in easy terms the metabolic mayhem of Abundant Food & Ease.

Classic Excerpts

“A boy who is thrown upon his own guardianship and his own resources develops manliness and self-reliance sooner than at home.”

From The Young Adventurer

“Suddenly Andy made a spurt and forged ahead of Conrad. The young aristocrat could hardly believe his eyes when he saw Valentine’s boat, impelled by a competitor whom he had despised, take the leading place. He flushed with vexation and made a desperate effort to regain his lost position.”

From Andy Grant’s Pluck

“You must remember, my dear boy, that hard work is better than luck, and more to be relied upon. Don’t expect to make your fortune all at once by finding a big nugget, but work steadily, and you will meet with more or less success.”

From The Young Miner

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